American Legion Post 316 South Cherokee County


SAL Officers

Name Position Phone Email
Joshua M.  Carson Commander 404-333-2551 josh.m.carson@gmail.com
Tim Tucker Secretary 404-259-8752 ttucker@comcast.net
Charles T. Tucker Adjunct/Finance    
Troy A. Tucker Chaplain 770-656-7795 troy.tucker_8@yahoo.com
Dale E. Tucker Judge Advocate    
Wesley McDonald Historian    
Nathan Tucker Sgt Arms    


For more information about SAL use link to National SAL web site in Indianapolis, below.


The Sons of the American Legion was created in 1932 as an organization within the American Legion. The S.A.L. is made up of boys and men of all ages whose parents or grandparents served in the United States military and became eligible for membership in The American Legion.

You should be able to get and official S.A.L. Membership Application from just about any American Legion Post in the country.

Not everyone is eligible to become a member of the Sons of The American Legion. There are specific membership requirements: you must be a male descendant (includes stepsons and adopted sons) of a member of The American Legion – or a deceased veteran who would have been eligible to join the American Legion before he died.

For more information about Squadron 316 please contact Josh Carson leader for the Squadron. Or use the blue link above.